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Income Tax Services

authorized IRS efiler

We have the ability to work traditionally, local in-person or fully online.

We specialize in tax preparation for all types of income, with customized solutions tailored to each individual client. Pay $0 to have your taxes prepared!

Looking for reliable and affordable income tax preparation services? DAT Business Services, LLC has got you covered! Our team of experts is equipped to handle tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, corporations, and more.


At our Accounting firm, we provide comprehensive tax preparation services. Our experienced tax professionals can help you get your taxes filed quickly and accurately so that you get the most out of your refund.

Zero upfront fees for tax prep

We offer a secure, convenient, and fast way to file your taxes. We provide a secure and efficient filing process with options for you to receive your refund. Your refund can be received by check, direct deposit into a bank account or a reloadable card. If you don't have either, we can also instantly issue you a reloadable Mastercard.

We can prepare your return remotely, so there is no need to come in or make several trips to drop off the needed documents.

What do we offer:

  • Free Consultations, 

  • Free e-filing, 

  • $0 up front tax preparation fees with Refund Transfer,

  • Free Protection Plus' 1 Million Dollar Audit & Identity Theft protection coverage 

  • Tax Debt Resolution 

Want to know more about Our Income Tax Service Programs? Click 

We will make special appointment times outside of our normal business hours. Just contact us in advance, please.

 CAUTION: Out of state online clients will be put through a more rigorous identity verification process. If we suspect identity or fraud issues, we will not prepare the return and report such activities to the proper authorities immediately.


Every client will be given access to their own secure tax return portal when they request an appointment. In the portal you can upload tax forms, documentation and see how your return is progressing. We offer e-signatures for signing your return after you have reviewed your completed return. The documents can be scanned, or you can take a photo to upload to your portal.

First -You will schedule an appointment. Please fill out this Tax Checklist and submit back to us prior to your appointment so that we can access which organizer you will need for your tax appointment.


Second -We will have an initial consultation by online video conferencing, telephone or in-person. We will assign you access to your secure portal.   Click Here for a list of items to gather for your tax appointment.


Third -You will collect the information we need to prepare your return. Please do not email sensitive information without password encryption. Please use our secure client portals. You may also bring your tax documents to in-person consultations, drop them off or we can pick them up.

Fouth -We will prepare the return(s). If you owe taxes, we will go over the best payment options for you. If you are receiving a refund, you have the option of a sent paper check from IRS/State (not recommended), direct deposit or we can issue you a reloadable card to receive your refund. Direct deposit in a bank account or on a reloadable card with e-file is the fastest way to receive your refund. If you cannot afford your tax preparation fees, we can then request a Refund Transfer which will allow your tax preparation fees to be paid from your refund.

Fifth -When your return is completed, we will have you review it for accuracy. Then you will sign the return electronically or in-person using a PIN signature. We will then e-file your return, let you know when it has been accepted and give you a copy of your return for your records.

Those wanting to use our online/remote program can simply schedule a Free Online Consultation through our scheduling site, by clicking on the "Book Free Online Consultation" below to be directed to our online appointment site. If you experience any issues with our online appointment site, please email us at

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