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Our Income Tax Service Programs

Refund Transfer Program

We make our make our services even more accessible, we offer a Refund Transfer program with no upfront cost for your tax preparation and filing. Your tax preparation fees are deducted from your refund. 

*This is not a loan.

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Fast Cash Advance Loan Program

The fast cash advance program* gives taxpayers access to cash from their refund before the IRS can issue the refund. Fast cash advances can range from $500 to $7000. You will receive your fast cash advance money the same day as your tax return is transmitted to the IRS.

Your advance cash is issued by our office in the form of direct deposit, cashiers check or our in office GreenDot cards.

*This is a loan advance paid by your refund.

Protection Plus Audit & Identity Theft Protection

We include for free, Protection Plus $ 1 Million Tax Audit Defense and identity theft restoration services with all of our 1040 tax returns. If you receive a tax notice or suspect an identity theft incident, simply give us a call and we’ll handle the rest. This year this protection is available for non-1040 returns.

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Tax Debt Resolution

  • Are you struggling with back taxes of $7000 or more? We can provide assistance to help you overcome this challenge. Contact us today to learn more about we can help. We can help with:

    • Tax lien help

    • Negotiate payroll taxes

    • Tax penalties & interest

    • Custom tax solutions

    • Stop wage garnishment

    • Prevent levy & seizure

    • Offer in compromise

    • Renegotiate current payment plans

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